Added Audio Media Type

We have added a new media type for content, the Audio media type. You can use it to host your podcasts or use it inside your posts.

Similar to the video player, the audio player uses your brand color.

Changelog widget

This is the most requested feature. The changelog widget allows you to embed it inside your web application and website.

You can select the number of entries to show inside the widget.

Ability to set the status

You can now easily set the status of a post to 'draft' or 'publish'.

Nickname for Changelog

We add a field for the changelog nickname. Use this field to associate a nickname with each changelog entry.

Separate page for each post

kuickfeed introduces a separate page for each post. This way it can be shared to different platforms.

Ability to add custom code

Automatically add scripts to your changelog. You can add any custom javascript and/or CSS code. Even a Facebook Pixel or a Google Analytics code.

Custom Domain

It’s the most awaited update in the KuickFeed. Now, you can connect your domain with a Changelog. It will become the public-facing URL of your changelog. Custom domain not only improves name recognition but also increases credibility.

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