Kuickfeed Got Attacked!

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server or network by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic from multiple sources. Such attacks can cause significant damage to the targeted system, resulting in downtime, slow performance, and potential data loss. Yesterday, Kuickfeed's website was attacked, fortunately, our development team managed to secure it on time without dealing with any damage to the system.

In the future, with proper security measures in place, Kuickfeed will continue to provide its users with a safe and reliable online experience.

Introducing New Website for Kuickfeed

We're excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website! Our team has been working hard to create a user-friendly experience that showcases Kuickfeed's product features and services. With a sleek design and intuitive navigation, you'll be able to easily browse our offerings and find the information you need. Whether you're a new customer or a returning one, we hope you'll enjoy exploring our new site and discovering everything we have to offer.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you!

Introducing New Branding

Kuickfeed has recently undergone a new branding initiative that reflects its commitment to delivering high-quality service to its audience. The updated logo and color scheme evoke a sense of modernity and freshness, while also representing Kuickfeed's innovative spirit.

With the new look and renewed focus, Kuickfeed is well-positioned to continue delivering top-notch service to its growing audience.

New formatting options for logs description

We have updated our text editor to add more structure and style to your logs descriptions with new formatting options. We've added ordered and unordered lists, inline code, and code blocks to help you highlight important details and make your updates even easier to read.

Introducing Private Changelogs

In addition to our existing public changelogs, you can now keep track of sensitive or internal changes to your software without having to worry about public visibility. Private changelogs can only be accessed through widgets, ensuring that your updates are only visible to your intended audience.

To make your changelog private, simply toggle the 'Make It Private' option. Then, embed the provided widget on your site to start sharing your updates with your team or customers.

Added Audio Media Type

We have added a new media type for content, the Audio media type. You can use it to host your podcasts or use it inside your posts.

Similar to the video player, the audio player uses your brand color.

Changelog widget

This is the most requested feature. The changelog widget allows you to embed it inside your web application and website.

You can select the number of entries to show inside the widget.

Ability to set the status

You can now easily set the status of a post to 'draft' or 'publish'.

Nickname for Changelog

We add a field for the changelog nickname. Use this field to associate a nickname with each changelog entry.

Separate page for each post

kuickfeed introduces a separate page for each post. This way it can be shared to different platforms.

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